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Monday, March 7, 2011

Dragonkicks is a replica shoe and clothing website. Yes I know there fakes but if you look it up on youtube you will see that the quality of there products are amazing at reasonable prices. Average price for a pair of shoes is around $65 to 70 which is very cheap for all types of Nikes and Jordans, they even have shoes and clothes by popular designers like Polo, LV, and Gucci. Plus if you look on Google you can find codes to save an average of $5 off your purchase and shipping is free.
Why Choose
1. Largest collection of Latest Air Jordan Shoes & Retro Jordan Shoes 
2. 40,000 Customers group Since 2003 
3. No middle-men,stable quality and best prices.
4. Real photos for shoe details offered.
5. 6-8 Business Days Shipment to Worldwide
6. Tracking No. provided & Whole process followed
7. Always Free Shipping & free gifts for reviews and videos
8. Professional Customer Service offered


  1. Dragonkicks is horrible. It takes more than a week just to PROCESS your payment. Then, it can deny your order, wasting your time. It sucks. Buy real shoes at STORES people stop being cheap, nd get jobs!...

  2. Im only using dragonkicks to purchase the Air Yeezy 2. When the shoe came out it was only for around $300. BUt people hype things up for no reason, and they buy it all up. Then the shoe resells for around $1250 to $3000+ dollars. I would never ever pay that much for a pair of Sneakers so as a sneaker head i was forced to purchase from here. People give this place bad reviews. But i made my purchase on Aug 21 late night and it said it was processed and completed 2 days after. Maybe they got better over the months who knows. like i said though i wasn't paying over a thousand dollars for a shoe. But Jordan aren't nearly as expensive you should have just bought the real ones instead.

    1. Did you receive them? I want to order a pair but I don't want to get scammed